To the Editor: Apartments Have Traffic Impacts, Too


Apartments Have Traffic Impacts, Too

I noted with interest the October article on the proposed Adelaide development.  Some of the chief concerns expressed by those who spoke to the Board of Supervisors on October 7th concerned the impact of the proposed development on Route 250 traffic and local schools, as well as the lack of sidewalks to handle foot traffic.

Yet a much larger project is currently going through the County Planning Office that is drawing no such attention or concern. A proposal for a 183-unit apartment complex on Old Trail Drive has passed the Initial Site Review. The plan does not call for any widening of Old Trail Drive and does not consider the impact of the large number of cars this complex will generate on either the ability to get out of Old Trail or on Route 250 traffic. Nor has there been any review of the impact of this large project on the local schools. The proposal also contains no provision for sidewalks on either side of Old Trail Drive for the many children who already walk on the grass (or snow in winter) to get to these schools.

As a resident of Old Trail, I urge our county officials, the Crozet Community Advisory Committee, and local residents to consider this project much more carefully and push for changes before it degrades the quality of life in this “new urbanism” community, which the developer so proudly claims as a model for others to follow.

Terry Newell


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