To the Editor: The Women’s March


The Women’s March

We were part of the historical march of January 21st with numerous other ladies from Charlottesville and surrounding counties. As we drove up in one of the many buses, we began to befriend the others who, like us, had chosen to participate along with the expectant thousands who would be marching that day. Excitement was contagious.

We soon found ourselves in an ocean of people with similar goals, and were struck by the welcoming acceptance of each other, marching side by side without incident. We saw all kinds of people, from the young, disabled, and elderly to people of all races, religions and beliefs. It was humbling and inspiring to see the effort that those in wheelchairs made to join the march.

The widespread representation was impressive. We met women from Maine, Ohio, Florida, New Jersey and the list goes on. On the Metro we met three youths who were inspiring with their enthusiasm and dedication to political expression. They were beginning their adult lives actively participating in democracy.

Voice of America randomly interviewed people, asking their reason for marching. We replied with our reasons to support women’s rights to make their own choices, to be treated equally and with dignity, and the right to live in peaceful coexistence regardless of opinion.

Arriving home, the feeling of accomplishment with almost celebrity status enveloped us as our family and friends checked in with us. But the lasting feeling will be the bond with strangers that will last a lifetime and the knowledge that we have been active participants in an historic event.

Our fervent hope is that this march will translate into further political involvement. We must remember those who are less fortunate than we. We need to keep participating. As Lotte Scharfman, former League of Women Voters President, said, “Democracy is not a spectator sport!”

Claudia Sacellary and Maria Cockrell


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