What Public Improvement Would You Like to See?

The playground behind Crozet Library, named Harmony Place, was built and is maintained by Tabor Presbyterian Church.

Albemarle County planners hope to learn what small scale public improvements such as playgrounds or walking trail enhancements Crozet citizens would like as part of a $1.3 million fund set aside to make neighborhood improvements in the county’s seven Growth Areas.

The meeting in Crozet, with the Crozet Community Advisory Committee, will be held March 15 at Crozet Elementary School at 7 p.m. A follow-up meeting will be held April 19.

From Albemarle County:

Background on the Neighborhood Improvement Funding Initiative

Is there a small-scale improvement, like walking trails or playground equipment, that would benefit your community? Or the need for a planning or design study for a future improvement? The Neighborhood Improvement Funding Initiative is a new, one-time program approved by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors to drive investment in quality-of-life projects in the County’s development areas. County residents are invited to participate in a series of community meetings happening in the development areas to identify and then prioritize projects for your area.

Development areas are the urbanized portions of the County and include the urban ring around the City of Charlottesville, the 29 North corridor, Pantops, Crozet, and the Village of Rivanna. Each area has a master plan and a Board-appointed Community Advisory Committee to help oversee and implement the plan. View a map of the development areas and find the Community Advisory Committee nearest you!

During March and April, the seven Community Advisory Committees will hold community meetings to identify quality of life projects (March) and then prioritize them (April). We invite anyone in the community to participate in these meetings in-person (or before the meeting, online).


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