Crozet Cleanup Crew Puts Trash in Its Place

The original crew (from left) Eric, Jennifer, Lucas and Sylvie Homan. (Photo: Theresa Curry)

It’s the perfect community improvement effort for busy people, said Jennifer Homan. She’s the founder of the Crozet Cleanup Crew. “It’s designed to be as easy as possible for people to join us. You don’t have to go to meetings, you don’t pay to join, there are no background checks, and you do it on your own schedule.”

Jennifer, her husband Eric and their two children—Lucas, 9, and Sylvie, 5—are new to the area. “We noticed a lot of trash around our home in Greenwood,” Homan said. “We simply went out for an hour and picked it up.” The family took a photo of their haul, got a Facebook page and invited others to join them, picking up trash wherever they found it and posting a photo to the page.

The response has been great, both on the page and from people they meet on their trash hauls. Homan decided to add a further incentive: she’s gotten businesses involved, asking them to donate gift certificates, which she passes on to volunteers on the Crozet Cleanup Crew. The Mudhouse was the sponsor for March, and she herself is a sponsor. She’s an accomplished baker and awarded a cake recently to monthly winner Sam Harris of Crozet, who picked up trash at the bottom of the Crozet dog park.

Odd things have turned up: a deer skull, a printer, a shredded tire, a wading pool. Mostly though, it’s what you might expect in the way of beer cans, fast food wrappers and plastic bags.

Homan said the effort has benefits beyond cleaner surroundings. “It’s a family thing for us,” she said, “and we want the children to see that their efforts are important.”

Find the Crozet Cleanup Crew on Facebook:


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