From the Editor: The Square Comes First

The Square in 1914. (Photo courtesy the Phil James Historical Images Collection)

The Square Comes First

Last month Crozetians were asked for ideas about how to spend part of the Neighborhood Funding Initiative, a $1.4 million surplus in the county budget that the Supervisors will distribute to “quality-of-life” projects in its seven growth areas. Last month we also learned that renovation of The Square will cost about $250,000, more than the $200,000 that would be a one-seventh share of the fund, but given that the County is responsible in any case for the condition of the street, not much more.

The Square is the commercial center of town and the entry way to whatever happens on the Barnes lumber property. The business owners there have suffered for many years from the neglect of the parking area in front of their stores and they are at the front of the line for redress.

If the county should choose some other priority for a Crozet NIFI project, they should be ready to fund fixing The Square in any case.

Our second infrastructure priority is funding the Lickinghole Creek bridge that will open up east Crozet to Rt. 250 and ultimately be another way into downtown.


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