New CCAC Members Appointed

Shawn Bird, Tom Loach, Allie Pesch, Sandra Meers, and Doug Bates. Photo: Mike Marshall.

The Crozet Community Advisory Committee gained five new members at its April meeting: Shawn Bird of the St. George Avenue neighborhood, Sandra Mears of Freetown, Tom Loach of Jarmans Gap Road, Allie Pesch of Blue Ridge Avenue, and Doug Bates of White Hall Road.

The terms of Beth Bassett, Mary Gallo, Lisa Marshall, John Savage and Alice Lucan ended March 31.

Members of the committee are appointed for two year terms by the Board of Supervisors from a pool of applications submitted by interested citizens.

The committee meets on the third Wednesday of the month, typically at Crozet Library at 7 p.m. For more information on the CCAC visit


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