Citizens Rank Priorities for Initiative Funds

Shawn Bird placing one of his sticker votes (Photo: Mike Marshall)

By Michael Marshall

Improvements to The Square came out as the top vote-getter when the Crozet Community Advisory Council met for the second month in the cafeteria of Crozet Elementary School May 18 to rank possible uses for Crozet’s share of the county’s $1.4 million Neighborhood Improvement Funding Initiative.

County facilitators Emily Kilroy and Laurie Allshouse had prepared two lists, one with ideas presumed to cost less than $50,000 and another with ideas likely more expensive than $50,000. They introduced a system in which colored dots with different values were placed on possible options and the final values tallied. All present got one strip with each color of dot on it to place alongside their preferences.

The fifty-and-under list had two stickers assigned to it and the pricier list was allowed three choices.

In the under-fifty category the top vote getter, with 340 points, was “Crozet Park improvements . . . including amenities like disc golf, exercise stations and a drone course.” In second was “crushed stone for Crozet trails” (290 votes), and next came street light decorations, such as seasonal banners (234 votes).

In the above-fifty-thousand category, “The Square improvements to address parking, runoff, sidewalk issues, as well as walkability to the north side of the tracks” was the highest priority. Next came the development of “western park” in Old Trail and the third priority was trail improvements, to include gravel, signage and a new multi-use trail along Three Notched Road from Highlands into Crozet.

County planners will next develop price tags for each preferred project and the Board of Supervisors was expected to discuss funding choices at its May 2 meeting. The CCAC will see the list again at its May 17 meeting, before the Board takes a final action.

Five new members joined the CCAC at the meeting, the annual month for new faces: former White Hall planning commissioner Tom Loach, Shawn Bird, Allie Pesch, Sandra Mears and Doug Bates.

Shawn Bird, Tom Loach, Allie Pesch, Sandra Meers, and Doug Bates. Photo: Mike Marshall.


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