Albemarle Ballet Spring Gala

Little Red Riding Hood (Maddie Theiss) is consoled by her mother (Irene Volenick) while her father (Guillermo Solorzano) kicks the handsome woodsman (Frank Lepage) out of Red’s birthday party after he caught the young couple dancing together. Photo: Allie Pesch.
Little Red Riding Hood (Maddie Theiss) and the Woodsman (Frank Lepage)

Albemarle Ballet Theatre, a dance studio in downtown Crozet, presented Little Red Riding Hood at Dickinson Theater at PVCC May 13.

Kyra Ventura as the Bluebirds, with Little Bluebirds Sophie Avery, Maddie Black, Meredith Connaroe, Ilana Kaufman, Louisa Pesch, Elara Rodriguez, Catalina Solorzano, and Avery Tullo

The family-friendly, humorous ballet was choreographed, directed and produced by mother-daughter duo Sally and Veronica Hart, with additional choreography from the Harts’ other daughter, Nicky Coelho, and from ABT teacher Ashley Geisler, who also played the role of Grandma.

Veronica Hart as the Wolf, and Ashley Geisler as Red’s Grandmother. Photo: Allie Pesch.

Before intermission, the audience was treated to a solo performance by Coelho, her final performance before her retirement from professional dancing this summer.

Village girls (Libby Addison, Claudine Bechamps, Anna Brynn Luck, Ashna Nitzsche, Hannah Olson, Claire Zwadlo discover the’ve been dancing with the Big Bad Wolf! (Veronica Hart). Photo: Allie Pesch.

Advanced students then performed Individuation, choreographed by ABT teacher Veronica Hart. Individuation dancers included: Abby Huemme, Kyra Ventura, Anna DeLaura, Maddie Thiess, Olivia DeLaura, Jenny Little, Sara Luna

Sara Luna, Olivia DeLaura and Jenny Little in Individuation. Photo: Margaret Marshall.


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