Batesville Day 2017

Future Batesville Ruritans enjoy a VIP spot in the parade May 6. Photo: Allie Pesch.
Photo: Allie Pesch.

Runners headed into a south wind blowing cold and rain into Batesville last month, as the community turned out to watch and cheer. The chilly rain was not an issue for those who registered for the 10K race, the first event of Batesville Day, May 6. Race organizer Hamp Carruth said that all but one of the expected runners showed up.

The Rose Garden preschool float. Photo: Allie Pesch.

Mike Fox easily won the race, which is famously billed as “the only 10K in Virginia that starts and ends in the same place and is all uphill,” with a time of 35:06, almost four minutes ahead of the second place runner. Fox, a western Albemarle native, also holds the course record. Kendall Tata was the first woman to finish with a time of 44:41.

Ross Hardy in the Henley Middle School marching band. Photo: Allie Pesch.

The rain let up briefly for the parade, which featured the JT Henley Middle School band, Rose Garden Preschool, big trucks from the Fire Department and local businesses, dancers, assorted clubs, goats, horses, political groups, funny vehicles and mobile works of art and signage created by the creative citizens of Batesville.

Lila and Kate Woodbury in
their canoe float. Photo: Allie Pesch.

The downpour resumed just as the village fair opened, but people gamely crowded under tents to sample food, buy knick-knacks and baked goods, register to vote and listen to live music.

Photo: Allie Pesch.
Crozet Lions Club. Photo: Allie Pesch.
Photo: Allie Pesch.
Luca and Eli Bertoni sell vegetable plants in front of Batesville store. Photo: Theresa Curry.
Photo: Allie Pesch
Batesvillians Hannah Rogers-Gilliam and Blake Hunter with their sons Boden and Sasha at the parade. Photo: Theresa Curry.
Photo: Allie Pesch.


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