Bolton/Frazer Bridge Dedicated by Trails Crew

Ben Bolton and Nicole Frazer. Photo: Mike Marshall.

Ben Bolton and Nicole Frazer, the male and female winners of the Crozet Trails Crew’s October 5K race had a new bridge on a Crozet trail named for them, the customary reward for the race winners. The annual race is a fundraiser for the CTC, which uses the proceeds to build and maintain local trails.

The Bolton/Frazer bridge is a small, hump-shaped crossing of a gully near the Crozet Dog Park. Because it’s in view of the park’s shelter and benches, the crew ventured into building a pretty curved design.

“We are never building a curved bridge again,” declared CTC president Terri Miyamoto at the dedication ceremony May 20, recalling the complexity of the task.

The CTC says it has two more locations needing bridges. One is needed to cross Lickinghole Creek near Cory Farm and thus link eastern Crozet trails to the Clover Lawn shops. The county has a 40-foot steel pedestrian bridge that’s suitable for the purpose in storage, according to county greenway planner Dan Mahon, but concrete piers to support it will need to be built first.

The 2017 race will be October 7.   

The winners with members of the Crozet Trails Crew. Photo: Mike Marshall.


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