Thanks for Dinner!

Danny Yusef and retired Virginia State Police Sgt. Ronny Byram. (Photo: Mike Marshall)

It fell to retired State Police Sgt. Ronny Byram of Crozet to arrange the supper for the annual meeting of the Virginia State Police Alumni Association in Charlottesville August 12 and he turned to his buddy Danny Yusef at Gateway Market for his barbeque and sides.

There were more than one hundred retired troopers at the Holiday Inn on Emmet Street for the event, which included speeches, blue grass music, and a fund drive for an emergency relief fund.

That last part came home to them, and the party mood was blighted, when the crowd heard news of the deaths of two State Police pilots whose helicopter crashed while monitoring the protests in Charlottesville, Byram said.

“You treated us so good,” Byram told Yusef as he presented him with a Virginia State Police Alumni patch, meant to signify the contented appetites of the troopers.

“Let me tell you how much everybody loves your barbeque,” Byram said, bearing down.

“I didn’t do it for anything,” said Yusef, protesting in a no-not-me-officer fashion. “I wanted to do it to show respect for the police.” But now he was smiling.


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