To the Editor: Angela Lynn for Delegate


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On the rare occasions when Del. Steve Landes shows up in our neck of the woods, he comes across as a moderate, down-to-earth guy, focused on helping businesses flourish. But that mild-mannered image doesn’t match how he’s actually voted during his two decades in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Steve Landes voted to allow domestic abusers with protective or restraining orders to carry concealed handguns. There’s ample evidence that when abusers own guns, the odds that they’ll murder the victims of their abuse dramatically increase. That doesn’t seem to matter to Landes.

Steve Landes voted to repeal Virginia’s purchase limit on handguns. One criminal arrested in New York as part of a major gun-trafficking ring was later caught on tape, bragging: “There’s no limit to how many guns I can go buy from the store. I can go get 20 guns from the store tomorrow … I can do that Monday through Friday … They might start looking at me, but in Virginia, our laws are so little, I can give guns away.” That doesn’t seem to matter to Landes.

Steve Landes voted against letting Virginians hunt on Sundays. For some reason, that does matter to him.

Steve Landes voted against allowing cities in Virginia to raise their minimum wages or benefits, even though there’s compelling evidence in places like Seattle that such moves appear to help workers and boost the local economy. That doesn’t seem to matter to Landes.

Steve Landes voted against expanding Medicaid, keeping decent medical care out of reach for thousands of struggling Virginians. The claims he made about how much the measure would cost simply weren’t accurate. That didn’t seem to matter to Landes.

Perhaps most crucially, Steve Landes has voted to make it harder for you to vote, by supporting photo ID requirements that place an often impassable thicket of red tape between perfectly eligible Virginians and their right as Americans to cast a ballot. That doesn’t seem to matter to Landes.

None of those votes sound like the actions of a pro-business moderate.

That’s why I’m voting and volunteering for Democrat Angela Lynn, who’s running to replace Landes in the House of Delegates on Tuesday, Nov. 7. In Richmond, Lynn will work for greater access to public land for hunting; cleaner streams for fishing; better teachers, receiving better pay, to give our kids a better education; and better health care for all Virginians. And unlike Steve Landes, she won’t put her own extreme ideology ahead of the good of the people she represents.

Angela Lynn wants to fight for the things that matter to all of us. I think we should give her that chance.


Nathan Alderman


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