To the Editor: Dearest Thomas


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Dearest Thomas,

I regret having to call on you at this time, however it is of utmost importance. This is a matter concerning your lovely lady who as you are aware has been acclaimed most fair in the land by those who know her.

I wish it were not so, but Sir it seems those appointed to look after Lady Charlottesville have fallen out with Robert. Apparently some time back he said or did something they find offensive, and in spite of his great sacrifice to your lady and those she keeps, they are demanding his stay be terminated.

Many have come to Mr. Lee’s defense, although not all of good character and to no avail. Their cries for his departure have only increased. It is claimed many responsible are from the northern territory or of that persuasion. Your lady is suspicious especially because Mr. Lee has always been a gentleman and honorable guest.

A most dreadful series of events has occurred and your lovely lady Charlottesville has been dragged through the mud and her white dress soiled and torn. She has been shamed immensely. Those in charge who claim her welfare to be of greatest concern only stood by and watched and are now using this terrible affair for political gain. There is even word they are starting to quarrel with Mr. Jackson. Imagine that.

In spite of your instinct to defend your lady, I recommend you remain where you are. It would be terribly unwise to ride back to Monticello at this time. The brood squad has been summoned and those responsible are also accusing you of unmentionable violations of character as well.

Thomas, know that countless others are doing all they can to protect your lady’s honor to prevent further disgrace.

Until further notice.


Tim Wright


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