To the Editor: Delegate Steve Landes


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Many of the citizens of Western Albemarle County are very happy with the outstanding, professional representation Delegate Steve Landes provides. I would like to remind folks of concrete examples of his dedication.

I had the privilege of working with Delegate Landes as he led the process in Richmond to successfully secure a $125,000 grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia for the Build Crozet Library project. Steve was always ready to assist on this project so important to the families of western Albemarle County. He believed so much in the project that he also donated personal funds.

Delegate Landes makes it a point to hold scheduled Town Hall meetings in the Crozet area on a regular basis. I have found that he takes the time to listen and respond to each attendee and follows up when more information is needed.

Delegate Landes has taken on the Revenue Sharing Agreement issue that has sent over $280 million dollars to the coffers of the city of Charlottesville and he continues to look for a way to end this giveaway of our taxes.

Delegate Landes finds time to assist on individual projects that impact his constituents. My homeowners association was facing a very expensive tree project and after discussing the problem, we were directed by Delegate Landes to the Virginia Forestry Department. After completing a grant proposal, the homeowners association received a large grant that reduced individual expenses. This would not have happened without assistance and guidance from Delegate Landes.

He brings an open approach to all citizens and it is an honor to endorse Delegate Steve Landes.

Bill Schrader


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