To the Editor: Crozet + You Perfect Together?


10 years ago I moved to Crozet from N.J. Crozet was a beautiful little tow n and now we have rude elitists driving around in BMW’s Land Rovers, and Mercedes. Residents who speed and high school students who speed through neighborhoods.  Attitudes of entitlement and rude behaviors.  Minimal police involvement and a town spinning out of control. Traffic at school times excessive due to parents giving their children expensive cars as means of school transportation. Why are school buses not being used to capacity? Food eateries opening and taking advantage of customers by serving sub-par quality food with high pricing. There clearly is a huge demarcation between the old Crozet and the new Crozet. As a resident of Crozet, old or new, we need to do a better job taking responsibility for actions and behaviors of all. Most businesses are not neighborly friendly. Tailgating and speeding through Old Trail has become a way of life for many. Does it take a tragedy/fatality for our community and police department to wake up? Let us all realize that unless we take control of our town expansion we may be the victims of our own demise.

Graham Bernstein

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