To the Editor: Vote Angela Lynn


When I moved to Crozet 5 years ago I asked my new neighbors about our local government officials.  I was told by some that our delegate in Richmond, Steve Landes, was a reasonable Republican.  While that may have been true at one time, in my opinion Mr. Landes has followed the leadership of the GOP into the land of make-believe and racism.  He uses some of the right words but his actions indicate that he denies climate change, thinks we should have more guns in circulation even though we lose almost 100 Americans (including 7 children) every day to gun violence, makes it harder for minorities to vote, has worked  to deny health care to the poorest among us and believes that birth control is not effective in reducing abortions.  He thinks voter fraud is a big problem, while several studies indicate that there was only one instance of in person voter fraud for every 342,000 votes cast in recent elections.  By his actions and positions he is defending the white nationalists that recently invaded our community and murdered one of us.  I have phoned, emailed and written to him about my concerns.  His and his staff’s replies consist of canned GOP talking points.

Most egregious is his continuing insistence on not expanding Medicaid in our state.  He has been a ringleader in refusing millions of dollars from the federal government.  Even after the lies about the Affordable Care Act have been revealed by the GOP’s failure to repeal it, Mr. Landes continues in his quest to not spend a dime on expanding health care.  For every dollar our state would spend on such expansion, the federal government would kick in 9 dollars.  31 other states, including many controlled by reasonable Republicans, have taken advantage of this opportunity.

It is time for a change.  Angela Lynn is running against Steve in this year’s election.  Angela worked with FEMA and the Red Cross in disaster recovery efforts.  She has served as PTA president and as a member and director of many community boards.  She comes from a proud military family and is the mother of five children.  She will work to strengthen our schools and lead efforts to reform Richmond and end partisan gerrymandering.  She has vowed not to accept corporate contributions and is relying on individuals to support and volunteer for her campaign.  I urge you to join in those efforts.

Jack Hickey

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