Candidate Statement: Angela Lynn, Virginia House of Delegates in the 25th District

Angela Lynn in the 2017 Crozet 4th of July Parade. Photo: Mike Marshall.

I have been fortunate enough to call Crozet home for the past 17 years of our lives. We moved here from Williamsburg, Virginia after the visiting the area time and time again and marveling at its beauty and welcoming spirit.

My husband and I moved to Virginia and stayed in Williamsburg for 12 years, after he left the Air Force, and we were busy raising our children in the state that called my mother’s Garst family home since the 1700s.

We have been a military family moving around my entire life  and home where was where ever the next assignment was until we had a chance to find the perfect place to raise children with great schools.

This is a friendly wholesome environment and it has the outdoor wonderland that most people could only dream about.

The public schools were the perfect match for our children’s interests and talents. We needed the quality and investment that only the most professional educators and mentors could give them.

My husband and I wanted to donate our times and talents to give back, so we coached, taught, mentored and created sports  clubs, music development groups, arts events and made ourselves available as much as we could could.

Throughout the years the community at Henley and Western Albemarle  High School where my children went, embraced my family and we all grew together.

I eventually went away to work in disasters nationally  with FEMA and my children went off to great universities and jobs.

I wanted to give back more to the great place we call home so I joined boards for the County in the department of social services and the agricultural and forestral districts board.

I have also been a member of the Public  Recreational Facility Authority because preserving this beautiful place with its superb forests, farms, rivers and valleys needed to have stewardship so they can be seen long after our days on earth were gone.

I have seen many changes as the small town with the big heart grew. I am welcomed into their homes here, to hug, laugh and smile about the stories that lives bring. I ask about the children that have grown and marvel at the achievements they have made.

They share their stories and I have been to their hospital beds, care facilties and helped them bury their loved ones. Life has bonded me to many and given me reasons to embrace them more.

I will never shy away from duty and work but my life is service and that is where I belong.

I would be honored to represent all of Crozet in Richmond. I know only too well what is needed from Richmond to keep this place the great place it is to so many.

I know what this place has been to me.

Angela Lynn

Statement from opponent Steve Landes



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