Crozet Park’s Perimeter Trail Dedicated

Adrian Neumeister and Jan Harrison. Photo: Mike Marshall.

Daniel Neumeister of Crozet, a local winemaker and an avid skateboarder, was killed by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle on Earlysville Road in 2010. His widow Adrian and his mother Jan Harrison wanted his death to accomplish something and for his memory to endure in his community, so they chose to support Claudius Crozet Park’s effort to build a perimeter trail. Almost a mile long, the asphalt ribbon along the park’s boundary is open, with a couple of exercise stations installed as well.

Neumeister and Harrison commemorated the achievement by dedicating a trailside statue of a gecko on a skateboard Nov. 18.

Neumeister said her next goal is the further expansion of Crozet’s trails, which have the park as their main hub.


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