To the Editor: Proposed “Rain” Fee


Proposed “Rain” Fee

The County of Albemarle is poised to impose one of the largest fees ever enacted on real estate property owners. Staff has been instructed to establish a storm water management utility fee, also known as a rain fee.

Computer software will “read” an aerial photograph to determine the amount of impervious square footage you own and a fee will apply to every 500 square feet. This method is very inaccurate. The fee, if enacted, is scheduled to appear on your May 2019 real estate tax bill.

By referring to it as a “fee” rather than a “tax,” the proposed fee will apply to churches, schools, volunteer fire departments and rescue squad buildings, county parks, buildings and parking lots, and any other tax-exempt properties.

When the City of Charlottesville enacted this fee it was estimated that the economic impact on the average citizen would be minimal. However, the result for property owners with extensive buildings and accompanying parking areas was much higher. Example: First Baptist Church on Park Street is paying $8,000 annually.

Your input and support is critical in helping to suppress this proposed fee. Please contact your Supervisor to express your concerns.  If you would like to receive an action alert notice about public meetings or hearings to be held by the county, send your email address to Angela Windett at [email protected] or call the Albemarle County Farm Bureau at (434) 293-5775 with your address.

Joe Jones
Albemarle County Farm Bureau


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