To the Editor: Landes Town Hall


Our delegate in the state legislature held a town hall meeting on Dec. 27 at the Crozet library. I would like to thank Delegate Landes for holding the meeting and reaching out to local citizens to hear our concerns. The good news coming out of the meeting is that Mr. Landes has acknowledged that action should be taken on gerrymandering and finding ways to expand health care coverage. He pledged to try and work on bipartisan solutions in the coming year.

The disappointing news is his reaction to the Republican leadership’s attacks on the press and the FBI. My sense is that he is concerned about the attacks on the FBI but agrees with those in the GOP who think the news media cannot be trusted. He said that he is not sure if the results of the presidential election showing a 3 million popular vote advantage for the Democrats is accurate. He claimed that there were millions of fraudulent votes cast in California. In any event, he is going to continue to remain silent in the face of his party’s attacks on our democracy. It is worrisome to think that our elected representative does not trust the news media and will not speak out more forcefully on his party’s attacks on the federal law enforcement community.  Where does he get his news from? How can he work with members of the Democratic party when he can’t agree to the veracity of certain facts. I urge him to be mindful of the growing movement to replace the term “mainstream media” with “reality-based media”.

John Hickey

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