To the Editor: From Steve Landes


From Steve Landes

I am grateful to all of the residents of Crozet who joined me at the Crozet Public Library for the first of three town hall meetings I held prior to the start of the General Assembly session. As always, I enjoyed the thoughtful questions and ideas I received from those in attendance.

I would like to restate my remarks, which were misrepresented in a letter to the editor written by John Hickey that was posted in the Crozet Gazette on January 5th. Mr. Hickey wrote that I “was not sure if the results of the presidential election showing a 3 million popular vote advantage for the Democrats is accurate” and that I claimed “there were millions of fraudulent votes cast in California.” In fact I cited California as the reason President Trump did not win the popular vote in the 2016 Presidential Election. I did not claim that millions of fraudulent votes were cast in California, and it is unfortunate that Mr. Hickey is spreading this falsehood.

Thanks again to all of you who joined me at our town halls. I always appreciate hearing from people about ways to improve our governance in the Commonwealth and look forward to visiting Crozet again soon once the session has adjourned in March.

Steve Landes
Weyers Cave


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