Batesville Strings Invites Members

The Batesville Strings at the group’s Christmas recital, from left: Betty Tabony, Maria Fox, Philip Clark, Cynthia McCaskill, Pamela Burke, Angela Saunders. (Submitted photo)

The Batesville Strings is a group of musicians from Charlottesville, Crozet, Ivy, and surrounding areas who meet on Thursday evenings in Batesville and are led by Philip Clark, the music director of the Crozet Community Orchestra.  The members meet weekly but drop-ins are welcome, and the group is looking to expand its regular membership.

Clark is an accomplished musician and performer, professor and instructor of violin and viola, and composer/arranger.  The musical tastes of the group cover a wide range including compositions by Vivaldi, Handel, and Telemann, as well as folk tunes and an original “Batesville Ballad” written and composed by Clark specifically for the group. Clark carefully arranges the music to fit the skill level of each musician, from the experienced violinist to the beginning cellist, and incorporates firsts’ and seconds’ parts in arrangements that best suit the ensemble.

The Batesville Strings performed for the first time together in a Christmas recital.

To learn more about Batesville Strings, visit the group’s web site,


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