Let There Be Light

Inside the Field School main hall. Photo: Mike Marshall.

Field School has wrapped up a project to air-condition its main hall and gym and to reveal the clerestory windows long concealed by a dropped acoustic tile ceiling.  When the ceiling was removed, a small attic area was discovered under the roof, allowing all the ductwork for the cooling system to be concealed. 

“It was clever how they hinged the upper windows,” noted headmaster Todd Barnett. “With their center pivot mounts, the windows could be opened to allow a draft across the room. It gave me an appreciation for the building’s design when the ceiling came out.”

Another benefit of the windows is that during school hours there’s no need to turn lights on in the main hall anymore, he said.

A middle school for boys with a rigorous curriculum and an emphasis on character and leadership development, Field School currently has 60 students in grades 5 through 8.

Generous in loaning its main hall for community civic meetings, Field School also hosts the Crozet Catholic Mission’s Sunday Mass at 10 a.m. 

Field School front entrance. Photo: Mike Marshall.


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