Tiny House Makes the Sale

The inaugural WAHS tiny house finds a buyer in Kimberly Coffman (right) and her daughter Pari Hamrick (center), flanked by student builders and teachers. Photo: Shane Matthews.

WAHS students in years 3 and 4 of Kevin Matheny’s hands-on design and engineering classes built a tiny house last year using mostly locally sourced donated materials and a lot of elbow grease. After showing it off at a tiny house expo in Fredericksburg in May, students and school officials connected with Maryland residents Kimberly Coffman and her daughter Pari Hamrick, who bought the house for $30,000 and plan to eventually tow it to Florida for Hamrick to live in.  

“The exposure at the expo meant the house was in the right place for just the right kind of buyer,” said Rod Phillips of RE/Max, who has helped the students with the marketing and selling aspects of the project for the past year. “The price was what we’d hoped for and will allow more tiny house projects to go forward in the future.”  

“The expo visitors were impressed with the harmony of the house and the quality of the work,” said Caroline Bertrand, career specialist at WAHS.  She noted that interest in the construction industry has increased among the student builders as a result of this program. “Students obtained summer jobs and internships based on their experience, and some are choosing to go into construction management in college.”  


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