Rte. 250 Bridge in Ivy Will Close July 13 for Two Weeks

The bridge over Little Ivy Creek, near Scott’s Ivy Exxon in Ivy, needs to be replaced. (Photo: Mike Marshall)

Western Albemarle commuters will face a challenge for two weeks in July when the Virginia Department of Transportation closes the bridge over Little Ivy Creek near Scott’s Ivy Exxon to replace the deteriorating structure. The closure begins Friday, July 13.

Motorists who normally travel over the bridge should use Interstate 64 as the detour route. Access will be maintained to all cross streets and private entrances off Route 250 on both sides of the bridge, but traffic will not be able to travel across the bridge.

Using accelerated construction techniques, the current bridge, built in 1932, will be replaced with pre-cast box culverts that can be set more quickly. The bridge is slated to reopen to traffic before Friday, July 27. Approximately 11,500 vehicles cross the bridge daily.

Burleigh Construction Co., Inc., of Concord is replacing the bridge under a $1,277,945.80 contract that includes an incentive of $25,000 if the bridge is open to traffic before July 27, and an additional $15,000 for each day prior to July 27 the road is open. If the bridge is not substantially complete by July 27, a $15,000 disincentive will be levied for each day the bridge remains closed.

Comments received at VDOT’s public hearing on the replacement overwhelmingly favored the two-week closure rather than a phased construction plan that would have restricted traffic on Route 250 to one lane, controlled by a traffic signal, for at least three months. 

The closure is scheduled during July to avoid affecting daily school traffic and to take advantage of the seasonal reduction in commuter traffic. 

Little Ivy Creek Bridge on Route 250 in Ivy. Photo: Mike Marshall.


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