Religion News: July 2018

Rev. Blake Johnson, vicar of Church of the Holy Cross. Photo: Theresa Curry.

Church of the Holy Cross Plants Itself at Crozet Baptist

The Church of the Holy Cross Anglican mission outgrew its first meeting space in a Crozet living room, moved to a barn on the grounds of Fidelis Farm, and has now outgrown that space, said Blake Johnson, its vicar. “We thought we’d be here for a while,” Rev. Johnson said, “but with 75 to 80 members, we needed to move again.” The church made its move in late June. Johnson said he’d gotten to know David Collier, the senior pastor of Crozet Baptist Church, and, after discussions between the two of them and discussions between Rev. Collier and his congregation, The Church of the Holy Cross was invited to share the space on St. George Avenue. “I was already impressed with Crozet Baptist’s long history of service to the community,” Johnson said. “And, just as I thought, they’ve been wonderful to work with.” The Church of the Holy Cross will offer services every Sunday at 4 p.m., Johnson said, and Crozet Baptist has also provided space for an office and will make room available for events. The Church of the Incarnation in Harrisonburg is the Church of the Holy Cross’s mother church.

Icons Installed at All Saints Anglican

Angels, martyrs and anonymous veiled saints form neat rows around Christ in the center of the large work recently installed by iconographer Jonathan Edwards at All Saints Anglican Church in Ivy. There’s a tiny winged man, an ox, an eagle and a lion, representing Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the authors of the Gospels. You’ll also find Kings David and Solomon, Abraham, and Dismas, the thief invited from the cross into heaven.

Father Sean McDermott and artist Jonathan Edwards hoist the new work to its permanent home at All Saints Anglican Church. Photo: Theresa Curry.

Look closely and there are seraphim, Jacob holding a cloth with the Twelve Tribes of Israel, a glimpse of paradise, and Adam and Eve. There’s a lot going on and a lot of people portrayed, and it’s only fitting, said Edwards, seeing as both the painting and the church are named All Saints. Early last month, the large piece––and a smaller one above it––were raised into place at the church. Father Sean McDermott, a curate at All Saints, said the painting, layered in many vivid colors and gold leaf, is a way of translating the spiritual message of the scriptures into visual, human terms.

New icons find permanent place at All Saints Anglican Church. Photo: Theresa Curry.

Edwards, a California iconographer who installs his work in churches throughout the country, was an artist before he became a religious artist, and he’s taught at the Rhode Island School of Design as well as Brown University. “All Saints” is permanently on display at the church and can be viewed before and during services on Saturday and Sunday.

Yard Sale Supports Community Projects

The Batesville Methodist Church plans a yard sale July 20 and 21 for its many projects, including the SPCA, The She House, The Ronald McDonald house, Western State patients, the Afton Church School, the Charlottesville shoe drive and the community’s outreach to those made homeless by fires. The sale is open to anyone who wants to set up a table. The church will be offering housewares and gifts, costumes, Star Wars and Johnny West items, even a wedding gown. Books include some vintage Black Beauty and Golden books, and sets of Gibson and Rose Point china. The sale is from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the organizers request no shoppers before that time. Anyone is welcome to set up a table for their own yard sale for a small donation. Email Liz Layman at [email protected] if interested.

New Interim Rector at Emmanuel

Neal Goldsborough joined Emmanuel Episcopal Church as interim rector in June. Rev. Goldsborough has worked in parish ministry for 36 years, with thirty years as rector of diverse congregations. A retired chaplain, he served as a field tent hospital chaplain in Kuwait as well as in recovery operations at the Pentagon.

Rev. Neal Goldsborough, new interim rector at Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Photo: Theresa Curry.

He’s served both rural and urban parishes in Virginia, in Rhode Island and in Florida. Recent service has been as interim rector at St. Paul’s Memorial Church and as an associate for pastoral care at Christ Church, both in Charlottesville. 

His book Where is God Amidst the Bombs: A Priest’s Reflections from the Combat Zone was published by Forward Movement in 2008.


“Faith in Film” at the Wayne Theatre

The Waynesboro Baptist Church is once again offering its “Faith in Film” service in partnership with the Wayne Theatre. Next up is “The Truman Show” on August 12. Each film begins at 6 p.m. and is followed by a panel discussion. For more information, visit

New Summer Home for Hope Presbyterian

Hope Presbyterian Church meets for the summer at Brownsville Elementary School while Crozet Elementary undergoes maintenance work. Find out more: 

Hymns and Ice Cream at Tabor

Tabor Presbyterian offers its popular Hymn Sing and Ice Cream Social again this summer, gathering for song on July 22 and August 26, both at 6:30 p.m. at the church on Tabor Street. 


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