Alexander Gianitsaris

Alex Giantisaris

Alexander Gianitsaris of Crozet passed away peacefully at the age of 76 at the Charlottesville Health and Rehabilitation Center August 30, 2018. 

Alex was born on July 29, 1942. He is survived by his wife Anastasia Gourley of Waynesboro, and his sister Alice Marsella of Rahway, New Jersey. Alex arrived in the Crozet area in 2000, and worked at Western Albemarle High School and Herringbones Deli and Grill, and later became a resident at The Meadows. 

Alex was well known among many residents of the community, and was a familiar presence on his frequent walks to downtown Crozet along Crozet Ave. He was a tall, colorful character, always with a walking stick and a collection of neckties worn as headbands.

Alex was an avid harmonica player and a virtuoso whistler, a lover of music, an enthusiastic bridge player and an accomplished conversationalist. He was an early volunteer for the Crozet Trail club, and a member of the Crozet Lions Club. 

In addition to his family, Alex is survived by numerous friends from his active life. He will be greatly missed by his bridge club, the members of Crozatians for Change, the musicians he sat in with, and his co-residents at the Meslar “compound.”

A celebration of Alex’s life will be taking place later in the fall. Those interested in attending are encouraged to look for updates on the Alex Gianitsaris Update page on Facebook.


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