Crozet Trails Crew Extra Busy Thanks to Rainy Summer

Crozet Trails Crew members replacing a flooded out bridge earlier this summer. Left row above are volunteers Steve Kostiw, Tom Harrison and Phil Best. On the right are Joe Abbate, John Smith, Teri Kostiw and Terri Miyamoto. Photo: David Miyamoto.

After the flooding rains on May 31, the Crozet Trails Crew repaired damage at two locations along the Crozet Connector Trail. First, the flood washed the temporary bridge near the future Eastern Avenue pedestrian tunnel at least a quarter-mile downstream (because it is temporary, it had no permanent footings). Crew volunteers first had to wade down the creek to find the bridge, which was embedded in a tangle of debris that was in turn held back by a large fallen tree. They lifted it up to the trail, carried it to its proper location, and slid it down into its former position. They tied it to a tree, which has successfully held it in place during subsequent flooding rains.

Second, a large tree was swept into the permanent Zvarych-Rosinski Bridge along the trail between Western Ridge and Westhall. The impact cracked some support posts and moved the footings several inches. Crew members pulled the bridge upright and added supports to keep it in place.

You can support the work of the Trails Crew by running or walking in their 9th annual 5K trail race on Saturday, October 6. Register or donate at 

CTC replacing flooded bridge.



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