Peek at the Peaks Correction


Since we moved to Crozet in 2003, I have been in love with the beautiful mountains that surround this amazing place. Thus, I was excited to read “A Peek at the Peaks: Naming Crozet’s Mountains” by Clover Carroll in the September issue of the Crozet Gazette as I also love learning and sharing the names and locations of our surrounding peaks.

While most of the article was great and accurate, there were a few mistakes that need correction—perhaps the Peak Finder app referenced in the story was a bit stymied by our multitude of local mountains.

Jarmans Gap, formerly the southern terminus of Shenandoah National Park, lies between Bucks Elbow Mountain and Calf Mountain, not between Calf Mountain and Bear Den Mountain. That gap, further southwest, is Beagle Gap.

Also, Little Yellow Mountain, which does indeed cradle Mint Springs Park, is nestled in front of and touching Bucks Elbow Mountain, not Calf Mountain. Similarly, Little Calf Mountain does not actually lie low in front of Calf Mountain from our Crozet view—the summit of Little Calf Mountain is actually southwest from the summit of Calf Mountain, and its view is mostly obscured from Crozet.

Last, the Emerald Ridge neighborhood actually lies on the side of Bucks Elbow Mountain vs. on Beaver Creek Mountain.

I applaud Clover for the article despite these corrections—it took me many years to really nail down all of the names. Also, I find the best way to really learn them is to get out on top of them! Travel on the Appalachian Trail and the gravel roads that span these mountains will give you first-hand knowledge of their huge size and unique characteristics, as well as an incredible perspective of the local geography in which we live!

John Andersen



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