To the Editor: I Love Living in Crozet!


I lived in Charlottesville for 42 years, had always thought I wanted to live in the country, and never thought I would end up in a development, but here I am in Old Trail! Despite the growth and development, after six years, I am loving it! I love the convenient location and small town, even the old-fashioned feel of Parkway Pharmacy and Crozet Hardware and most of all the friendly personalized help they provide. Often to my surprise, it is rare that I cannot find what I am looking for at either place, and they will even help me figure out how to find it or fix it!

Most recently, I had a wonderful experience at the Crozet Bicycle Shop. I am a senior citizen and was looking for a special hybrid electric bike that would allow me to ride with arthritic joints. Cor, the owner, helped me and ordered a specialized bicycle. It is different from a regular bike, so the old adage that you never forget how to ride a bicycle does not apply. Cor worked with me many mornings before the shop opened to help me learn how and have the confidence to ride this bike that has adaptations like a different seat angle, supportive backrest and smaller crank to help my knees. It seems that he was willing to do this to have someone else be able to experience the passion he experiences in the freedom and fun of bicycle riding. I am most grateful!

And of course, I have to mention out great hometown newspaper, The Crozet Gazette!

Diane Harner


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