To the Editor: Thank you, CVFD


Recently, my home was struck by several bolts of lightning which knocked out the Internet dish and sent an electrical surge through the hot water heater connection. I came home from dinner, ironically, at “Smoked,” to find my house full of smoke. Within ten minutes, the all-voluntary Crozet Fire Department arrived. Expertly, courteously, and diligently, they searched until they found the source of the smoke, which was emanating from a smoldering towel and plastic container melting onto a copper pipe draining the water heater.  (And yes, I admit that my closet was messy). The adjacent old oak baseboard was charred and could have caught on fire at any moment. 

  For many reasons, I feel fortunate beyond belief. I am indebted to the Crozet Fire Department for their professionalism, promptness, and friendliness. They deserve lots of kudos and support from our community. We are ALL extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful, dedicated group of people caring for us. 

With deep gratitude,

Virginia Barber


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