Peak Corrections

Bucks Elbow Mountain rises majestically over Crozet to the west, as seen from the roof of Mountainside Senior Living in downtown Crozet. Photo: Clover Carroll.

Peak Corrections

Thanks to John Andersen for catching the errors in my article about Crozet’s mountains that appeared in the September issue (“A Peek at the Peaks,” 9/18).  I do apologize that I muddled a couple of identifications in this very difficult article. My most regrettable mistake was misidentifying the location of Jarman Gap—John’s correct observation that it lies between Bucks Elbow and Calf Mountain is clear from the county map reproduced in the issue’s centerfold. He is also correct that Emerald Ridge lies on the side of Bucks Elbow, not Beaver Creek Mountain. However, I must defend myself against his other claims; although Little Yellow Mountain does physically almost touch Bucks Elbow Mountain, looking from most angles in Crozet it definitely appears to lie in front of Calf Mountain (as the Peak Finder app shows). Also, nowhere in the article do I mention the “Little Calf Mountain” that John references. I wholeheartedly agree with his advice that the best way to get to know the mountains by going up and hiking them! In my younger days, I did indeed hike Blackrock summit, Humpback Rock, the SNP via Old Jarman Gap Rd., and many others along the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive—I’ve even done the Old Rag rock scramble! As my article counselled through the words of John Muir, “climb the mountains and get their good tidings.” And thanks for reading!

Clover Carroll


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