Slow Down! Downtown Crozet Limit Zone Expanded

Signs along Crozet Ave. remind drivers of the new 25-mph zone from the four-way stop all the way south of Rockgate Cemetery. Photo: Clover Carroll.

Time to readjust your driving habits: speed limits in downtown Crozet have changed. The 25-mile-per-hour speed limit zones that used to affect only the Starr Hill/Music Today and Mountainside areas have been expanded into one longer zone, now extending from Oak Drive on Crozet Ave. through the four-way stop to Parkview Drive on Three Notch’d Rd.

“This speed limit zone extension was put in place to slow traffic down and improve safety in an area that has increased vehicle traffic and many pedestrian crossings,” explained Will Merritt, Communications Coordinator with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)’s Culpeper District. “This change was made in the interests of safety due to increased commercial and residential development in this area.” 

A traffic study was completed in mid-September in response to a citizen request to the Albemarle County Police Department, Merritt explained. After reviewing the results, VDOT determined that a speed limit reduction (from the previous 35 mph) was indeed warranted. The plan was approved and passed on to its traffic engineering section for implementation. Signage was installed in late October, and remains under review. “We did not issue a press release,” Merritt continued. “Typically, new signage is the primary communication we use to inform the public of a new traffic pattern. Drivers should pay attention to the signs and other street markings to keep their speed within legal limits.” 

In other words, driving east on Three-Notch’d Rd. (Rt. 240) from downtown Crozet toward Rt. 250 (Rockfish Gap Turnpike), what used to be a short 25-mph speed limit zone in front of Starr Hill/Music Today now begins at the four-way stop intersection with Crozet Ave. and extends all the way to Parkview Drive, just before the Crozet Veterinary Care Center. The downtown 25-mph speed limit zone has also been extended south along Crozet Ave. as you head toward Rt. 250, extending from the four-way stop sign all the way to Eaglehurst Farm, just south of Rockgate Cemetery. 

A new speed limit sign has been installed in front of the Artisan Depot, but no additional reminder signs have been posted as yet along Three Notch’d Rd. Driving into town from the east along Three-Notch’d Rd., a warning sign has been placed opposite the former Acme Visible property, shortly before the new 25-mph zone begins at the Green Olive Tree. VDOT has been asked for additional signs on both sides of Three Notch’d Rd. between the Artisan Depot and the Crozet Veterinary Care Center. On Crozet Ave., new signs have been posted at Tabor St., Oak Drive, and in front of the Animal Wellness Center. Driving north from Rt. 250, a warning sign of the upcoming reduced speed zone has been installed across from Davis Drive. Beyond the downtown 25-mph zone, the speed limit increases to 35 mph in both directions. Now that we’re aware of these changes, drivers need to stay on their toes to avoid receiving a speeding ticket. 

The new speed limit sign in front of the Crozet Artisan Depot is the only reminder of the new speed limit zone on that stretch of road, which extends all the way to the Crozet Veterinary Care Center. Photo: Clover Carroll.


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