Ratcliffe-Wind Trail Bridge Dedicated

Anthony Lucas Wind, Nicola Ratcliffe, and CTC President Terri Miyamoto.

A new bridge on the Crozet Connector Trail was dedicated  May 26 to the winners of the Crozet Trails Crew 5K Trail Race & Fun Run held Oct. 6, 2018. 

CTC President Terri Miyamoto presented the honor to Nicola Ratcliffe, the fastest female finisher with a time of 24:30.9, and Anthony Lucas Wind, the fastest male finisher with a time of 17:51.4. This recognition was especially meaningful to Ratcliffe, who was also the fastest female runner at the inaugural CTC 5K Race in 2011. But at that time, only the overall winner (who happened to be male) was recognized. Two years later, the tradition was revised to name a bridge for both the fastest female and fastest male runners together. 

There are now nine honorary named bridges along the Crozet Connector Trail. You can support the Trails Crew’s work by buying a beer at Starr Hill Brewery in June, when $1 of each pint sold will support the CTC as their Cheers for Charity beneficiary.

Ratcliffe Wind Bridge


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