CVFD to Hold All-members Meeting August 27


Crozet Volunteer Fire Department will hold a special meeting Tuesday, August 27 at 7:30 p.m. at the firehouse for all fire department members—whether active, inactive, or lifetime status—to detail how Albemarle County Fire and Rescue may support the CVFD with recruiting assistance and in establishing a plan for supplemental daytime career staffing during days/hours to be identified later.

“The CVFD has been a very successful all-volunteer fire station since 1910, but our membership is deeply concerned over the impact of the existing and planned development in the Crozet area,” said Chief Gary Dillon. “Our ability to recruit/retain members and to provide the level of service and experience necessary to effectively carry out our critical mission for the Crozet community is paramount and in jeopardy. While we are proud of our history, we acknowledge that we must act responsibly in planning for the future in the context of a growing service area.

“We greatly value the wisdom and experience of those that served before us and we seek comprehensive membership input, while at the same time we concede that our growing community may necessitate more permanent staffing that could bring to an end the all-volunteer era of our station and create a station of paid and volunteer members.”

The CVFD has been all-volunteer for nearly 110 years. 


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