Crozet Documentary Project Seeking Funding

Montes-Bradley toured the Pleasant Green house and created documentary film footage. Left to right: Eduardo Montes-Bradley, Jennie Lafferty More, Adam Wayland, Miles More (in front), Ginny Wayland, David Wayland, Phil James, Mike Marshall, and K. Edward Lay. Photo: Ann Mallek.

Eduardo Montes-Bradley, director of the planned film Crozet: Where Past Meets Future, has had conversations with key players such as Phil James, Rita Mae Brown, Jane O’Neil Graham, and David Wayland, and has filmed footage of the Pleasant Green house. But he has still not obtained the consensus he needs to proceed with the project. “This is a great film waiting to be made,” he attests. “It’s a wonderful story. There is so much history here that many newcomers might not be aware of. The film will also look at Crozet’s growth into the town it is today and where it is headed. But we are still seeking the support of people who love this community and who believe its story needs to be told.” If you are interested in partnering with Heritage Films to make this project a reality, contact Mr. Montes-Bradley at [email protected]. 

Phil James interviewing Jane Graham for the film. Photo: Eduardo Montes-Bradley.


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