Park Lane Development Under Way Across from Crozet Park

Park Lane, previously known as Crozet Court, is across from Claudius Crozet Park. Photo: Clover Carroll.

In case you’ve been wondering what’s going on across Park Road from Claudius Crozet Park, wonder no more. Craig Builders is partnering with Stony Point Design/Build to create a new development of 26 single family, detached homes on 12 acres, with two streets that end in cul-de-sacs, and 3.5 acres of open space. 

Stony Point—the developer of Dunlora and Dairy Central, among others—received approval from Albemarle County for the Crozet Court development in 2017. More recently, they sold the building rights to Craig Builders, who has decided to market the subdivision under the name Park Lane. Stony Point will be grading the property, developing the homesites, and building the roads. “Construction will begin this summer,” explained Jodi Mills, Stony Point’s Director of Sales and Marketing. The site lies within the Lickinghole Creek Water Supply watershed, so “the open space will mainly be located along the stream bed behind the homes,” which will provide a buffer for the intermittent stream located there. 

The new Park Lane development across from Crozet Park will include 26 single family homes.

Once the land is prepared, Craig Builders will take over to build the homes. “Our houses will feature an urban farmhouse design with an attractive exterior,” explained Ben Davis, Craig vice president of sales. “There will be a mixture of first- and second-floor master bedroom houses. The quarter-acre lots will have privacy in the rear, and many of them will back up to mature trees.” Some houses will have mountain views, and residents will be able to walk across the street to Crozet Park. “Prices will start in the low $500s,” Davis said. “We are using smart space to keep the prices lower than many other Crozet developments. Houses with lower square footage are designed very efficiently to maximize the usability and functionality of the space.”

The proposed name for the main road is Agatha Ridge Lane. The original plan was for the secondary road to connect on the east across Claudius Court to Jamestown Road, but this option was eliminated because it did not meet VDOT standards. The County planning document states that the small existing cemetery—located just north of the intersection of the two roads— will not be disturbed, and the proposed 10’ private sidewalk and landscaping easement will be owned and maintained by the HOA.

“We’re excited to buy the completed homesites from the developer and start building,” Davis said. “Pre-sale opportunities will begin this fall, with building to begin in early 2020. We are already taking names of interested parties.” T.J. Southmayd is the Craig customer representative.

For more information, email [email protected]. 


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