Local Golfer Qualifies for National Championship

Nathan Beck. Submitted photo.

By Meagan Jennett

Local Pro-Am golfer, Nathan Beck, has qualified to compete in the Golf Channel Amateur Tour National Championship in Palm Springs, FL, on September 17-26, 2019. Beck recently won the “B” flight of the Tidewater Golfweek Amateur tour. The win, Beck’s first Tournament victory, was the result of of his cool success in a nerve-wracking Sudden Death round. The victory propelled Beck to the “A” flight of future competitions, and helped qualify him for the National Championship in September.

Beck’s success comes in large part due to an exercise regimen he started several months ago with ACAC trainer, Vanessa Crawford. Together, they focused on his core strength, flexibility, and body awareness, with the specific aim of improving his golf game and overall athleticism. Says Crawford of their work, “I’ve given you [Beck] the tools, and you have utilized them and that’s why we’ve had such success together…I am so proud of you and to be a part of your journey!”

When asked how he feels about his journey to Nationals, Beck exclaims, “I’m feeling excited, nervous, all in one! I think it’s great that I qualified by putting in all the hard work and long hours, and having Vanessa train me in strength and stamina and giving me the tools to be successful.”

You can watch Nathan Beck as he vies for the National title on the Golf Channel, September 17-26, 2019.


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