Crozet Plaza Rezoning Gets Board’s Approval

Plans for a downtown Plaza are mounted between Piedmont Place and the Crozet Library. The Downtown Crozet Initiative and the Crozet Board of Trade are partnering with Milestone Partners and Albemarle County to bring this vision to reality.

Both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors have unanimously approved a zoning change from heavy industrial to a mixed-use designation for Crozet New Town Associates’ proposed downtown development, notching another win for Frank Stoner’s long-anticipated project. 

The revised zoning is a special type called DCD—Downtown Crozet District—developed for this unique location as a panoply of commercial, office, and service uses along with residential (up to 36 units/acre) and light industrial uses and single-family detached dwellings by special use permit. The previous heavy industrial zoning would have severely limited the types of structures and uses available for Stoner’s 6.25-acre Phase One.

According to the Planning Commission report, factors favorable to their decision included that the rezoning is consistent with the Crozet Master Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and Neighborhood Model Principles. The project also provides for a major road network improvement by linking downtown with new development to the south and east, and provides for the construction of a civic plaza dedicated to public use. 


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