To the Editor: Re-elect Ann Mallek


Proven and Experienced

Ann Mallek cares deeply for the White Hall District, and her years serving our district as its powerful advocate is an amazingly generous way for her to give back to the County that she loves. I am thankful that she is willing to serve another term representing us on the Board of Supervisors and encourage you to vote for her on November 5.

If you’ve seen Ann at work at a Board meeting, championing our community and solving its diverse problems, you’ve seen how important it is that we have a skillful and experienced leader representing our district.  Ann understands the issues facing both rural and growth area residents as she engages with citizens regularly, is accessible to them, and attends innumerable neighborhood and community meetings.  If you’ve been to any of her many Town Hall meetings, perhaps you’ve heard her listening to farmers and other rural residents and heard how she takes action on their concerns. Perhaps you’ve been to one of the Crozet planning meetings and seen firsthand how hard Ann works for the Crozet community, ensuring that growth adheres to best planning principles, as expressed through the Crozet Master Plan.

This is a critical time for Crozet, as the Master Plan goes into its second revision. Growth was directed to Crozet with the adoption of the County’s Comprehensive Plan way back in the 1980s, but the build-out of that growth is now determined by the Master Plan.  Ann has worked tirelessly with citizens to ensure that Crozet retain its small-town feel, that sprawl is prevented, and that the plan is adhered to.  Ann was the community’s champion during the first Master Plan revision process that brought the projected population down from 24,000 to 16,000.  She led the efforts to get the Crozet Library built, and many infrastructure projects have been completed in Crozet thanks to Ann. We particularly need her negotiating skills and experience now as we face vital new funding needs, including a new connector road and bridge to Route 250 and added school capacity for our overcrowded schools.

Ann has been a balanced supervisor for the County in both environmental and business development issues. Her leadership has resulted in wide-ranging and significant results, from a strengthened water protection and stream buffer ordinance to the collaboration of the public-private partnership that will redevelop the Barnes Lumber site in downtown Crozet. This is not a time to elect someone with no stated commitment to environmental preservation, no experience on local boards or Crozet planning issues, and with stated goals of deregulation and the acceleration of the special use permitting process. Managing growth in our district is challenging enough as is, and there is no reason to speed it up. It is important that we move forward with as much deliberate planning as possible and with careful attention to our environment. Please vote for Ann on November 5.

Mary Rice
Sugar Hollow

Ann is for Rural Preservation

Tell me Crozet, White Hall, Free Union, and Earlysville…can you imagine life without Ann Mallek as the County Supervisor representing us? Ann, when first elected, replaced a lack-luster representative, and has since brought positive progress to our lovely County while at the same time preserving our rural character.

The library, the sidewalks, the support for agriculture and agri-tourism. It’s all ANN. If you’ve ever attended a Board of Supervisors meeting, you’ll see Ann standing up for the interests of western Albemarle in a very thoughtful, deliberate way.  One of the biggest reasons for this is that Ann was the first Supervisor to hold town-hall meetings regularly during her term. Her colleagues soon followed. She has held over 60 of these listening sessions, and this is why her decision-making is so in sync with her constituents.

As a rural resident, I appreciate Ann’s defense of our natural world, and stewardship of resources, all while supporting farmers. We could easily slide into the Northern Virginia trap of unrestrained development and sprawl. Instead we have a beautiful home that balances smart development with rural preservation.

Please join me in supporting Ann Mallek for reelection in November.

Denise Zito
Free Union

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