To the Editor: Vote Chan Bryant for Sheriff


For 10 years I had the privilege of serving as a volunteer with the Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office.  During that time, I would frequently work with candidate for Sheriff Chan Bryant, first as a Sargent, and then as Chief Deputy.

Chief Deputy Bryant is an excellent administrator, managing the multiple duties required by the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office is primarily responsible for court room security, prisoner transport and civil process, but under the direction of the current Sheriff Chip Harding and Chief Deputy Bryant, the Sheriff’s Office also maintains a large reserve division and multiple other outreach programs that benefit the residents of Albemarle County.

Sheriff Harding has shown his confidence in Chief Deputy Bryant by endorsing her to follow in his footsteps. I ask you all to cast a vote for Chief Deputy Chan Bryant for Sheriff of Albemarle County.

Tom Loach



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