Nelson Considers Extended Stay Camping Zoning Change


A public hearing on whether to extend the number of days transient lodgers may stay in Nelson County was held by the Planning Commission October 23. Interest by Devils Backbone Brewery in developing an extended stay campground brought the limitations of the current zoning ordinance to the attention of Dylan Bishop, director of planning and zoning.  

The current definition of transient lodging in the ordinance is “lodging in which the temporary occupant lodges in overnight accommodations for less than thirty consecutive days.” 

The recommendation was that definition say either 90 or 180 days.  The new language drafted also added an “Extended Stay Campground” as a Special Use in the Agricultural (A-1) District only.  This would allow campgrounds to house transient lodgers for up to six months, the maximum allowed under state law.

All members of the planning commission including Tommy Harvey, the Board of Supervisors representative, were present for the hearing. 

Three persons spoke in favor of the change in the zoning ordinance. Todd Rath highlighted Misty Mountain in Greenwood.  Tommy Brugierre referenced the Montebello Campground, and Stu Mills had knowledge of RV travelers looking to stay locally. No one spoke against the change. A unanimous vote of the Planning Commission recommended approval to the Board of Supervisors. 

The Board of Supervisors will schedule another public hearing on the matter at their meeting on November 14, before the zoning change is made. Bishop said campground applications for special use permits can be made to the Planning Commission starting November 15, if the recommendations are approved. 


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