Impressive New Playground at Crozet Park

An elegant new playground was built in May near the baseball field in Claudius Crozet Park by Albemarle County Parks and Recreation (ACPR). The picnic table shown here was built in February as an Eagle Scout project by Ethan Moore. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

An elegant new playground was constructed at Claudius Crozet Park in May by Albemarle County Parks and Recreation (ACPR) to replace the aging, smaller play structure that has stood between the baseball and soccer fields since 2003.

“This new playground will be monumental,” said Karl Pomeroy, longtime member of the Crozet Park Board and the Grounds subcommittee, who coordinated the project with Jim Barbour, ACPR facilities maintenance supervisor. County playgrounds are on a 14-year replacement cycle, and this one has been in planning since 2017. 

The new structure is also intended to temporarily replace the Park’s upper/western playground, which will be removed to accommodate the planned new fitness facility and replaced much later. Crozet Park hopes to begin building that facility by 2022 at the latest.

The playground will accommodate roughly 100 children ages 2-12, and features 3 slides plus various climbing apparatuses and platform swings. Photo: Malcolm Andrews.

“This will be the first playground in Albemarle County to have 16-foot platforms and incorporate the new ‘Evolution Tower’ design,” Barbour explained. Designed and built by All Recreation from Ashburn, VA, it will accommodate roughly 100 children ages 2-12, with three slides (two of them spiral), various climbing surfaces—including stairs, ladders, ropes, and rock walls—and platform swings. Three separate rocking and spinning structures are also included in the 60-by-40-foot play area that sits on a permeable rubber pad and will eventually be enclosed by a 4-foot, black powder-coated aluminum fence with a swing gate—more durable and attractive than chain link—constructed by Evergreen Fence.

“We as a Department are super excited to provide this new playground to the children who visit Crozet Park,” Barbour declared. “Our goal is to open the new playground to the public in a later Phase of the state’s reopening, as determined by the Governor and our local elected officials. Unfortunately, until then the playground will remain closed.”

Crozet Park entered into an agreement with the county in 1997 to provide on-going maintenance and capital infrastructure. That working relationship has provided over $1 million in funding for recreational facilities that provide opportunities for the Crozet community and residents of western Albemarle.   

Photo: Malcolm Andrews.


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