To the Editor: Fifth Generation (5G) Electronic Silent Spring


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Fifth Generation (5G) Electronic Silent Spring

Kate Singer’s book, Electronic Silent Spring, documents the damaging effects of exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless technologies. Many people have continuous 24/7 whole body exposures from the multiple devices surrounding them. These exposures are taking a toll on our health, as well as, the health of the plants and animals in the natural world.

We are now being told by industry and public officials that we need an even more powerful wireless grid surrounding us. This fifth-generation system, 5G, will enable us to do more and do it faster. 

There is currently no requirement for industry to demonstrate proof of safety for 5G technology. They are exempt from public litigation relating to damages to our health from their products. FCC standards for public safety have not been updated since the1990’s and are woefully outdated and inadequate.

We must look at the science and educate ourselves on this issue. 

In some ways, this is reminiscent of Rachel Carson in 1962 educating the public about the dangers of pesticides.  Many accepted the chemical industry research showing that their products were safe. We now know that Rachel was correct about the dangers of DDT and other chemicals.

We must look at the science and educate ourselves. Some communities are following the precautionary principle and delaying implementation of 5G until it has been proven to have no serious health effects.

We do not have to accept 5G wireless in our community without this proof.

Please see the following articles: Bioinitiative Report Summaries of the Science (;, Environmental Health Trust (, “Scientific American” article on 5G (, Actions in Maryland and worldwide to halt 5G (;;

Barbara J. Cruickshank


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