Nelson Board of Supervisors Begins YouTube Streaming


The Nelson County Board of Supervisors has started a live stream of the monthly meetings available to the public on YouTube. The service began with the November 10 meeting. 

Deputy Clerk Grace Mawyer took on the task of creating a Nelson County YouTube account and posting the videos on the channel. “The sound wasn’t picking up well during our first time streaming in the November meeting,” she said. “and our IT department then ordered an external microphone, which we tested out during the December meeting.”  

Anyone can subscribe to the channel to be notified of upcoming or posted videos. Recorded segments include all public comments, speaker presentations and discussions. 

A break in the recording occurs during a closed session, so some meetings end up being posted to YouTube in separate segments. Parts are titled as “Part 1,” “Part 2,” etc.  Links or YouTube information are not yet printed on the public website while the process is still in the troubleshooting phase.  

To watch the meeting live, open the for Nelson County on the day of meeting before 2 p.m.  The next live stream will be on January 12 at UccCYASY5cw/videos.  



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