Master Planning for Crozet Roadways

The Crozet Connector Trail is highlighted in purple with larger dots as a priority shared use path, and many online respondents support upgrading the path to a higher standard such as pavement or gravel. Also prioritized are east-west connections such as from Lickinghole Creek over to (the future) Western Park in Old Trail, as well as along Rt. 240 from Western Ridge to the Starr Hill area and along Rt. 250 from Cory Farm to Old Trail. A new “rural corridor” designation shown in darker blue along the outskirts of Crozet (such as dotted line leading up to Mint Springs Park) would address residents’ requests for bike connectivity to more rural areas.

The future of Crozet’s transportation matrix was discussed by Albemarle transportation planning manager Kevin McDermott at the January 27 Crozet Community Advisory Committee (CCAC) meeting, where he presented options for solutions to many of Crozet’s most vexing traffic problems. McDermott began by reviewing items from the 2010 Master Plan that have been achieved, from the Crozet Streetscape project to sidewalk, bike, and pedestrian improvements and various street alignment studies that lay the groundwork for new roads.

Looking ahead, the aim of many of the county’s proposals for the 2020 Master Plan is to unclog overloaded intersections that cause long wait times, and to satisfy residents’ vocal demand for more bike/ped trails and paths throughout the area. (To view the whole presentation, go to Albemarle County’s YouTube site and find the CCAC’s January 27 meeting under ‘Videos,’ or click here).  

A new two-lane road connection would be constructed on the currently unused Dunvegan Lane connecting it to Park Road, which would improve connectivity for residents of Park Road. The connection would provide an alternative to Tabor Street, which would reduce queueing and delays at Tabor Street and High Street. Graphic Courtesy Albemarle County.
A “Quadrant Intersection” would form a grid around the Crozet United Methodist Church by constructing a roundabout at the Library Avenue intersection that would alleviate traffic backups along Crozet Avenue, Library Avenue, and Jarmans Gap Road. Traffic would flow around the quadrant and the left turn from Crozet Ave. onto Jarmans Gap and the left turn from Jarmans Gap onto Crozet Ave. would both be disallowed, so that all vehicles would feed through the roundabout. Graphic Courtesy Albemarle County.
To address long delays at Old Trail Drive and Rt 250, two two-lane roundabouts would be constructed at the Old Trail intersection and the Brownsville/Henley entrance, in tandem with a proposal to widen Rt. 250 to four lanes in this area. McDermott noted that the extra green “slip lanes” may not be necessary to achieve traffic relief at these intersections.



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