Mishap at the Square

Photo: Clover Carroll.

A Volvo SUV nearly drove into the Parkway Pharmacy window on January 25. It ran over one of the yellow bollards in front—which damaged the asphalt in the parking lot of the Square— and hit the pharmacy building, but stopped just short of breaking the large plate-glass window. “I was standing at the counter helping a customer,” said pharmacy front-desk clerk Mary Chestnut, whose counter is right inside the window. “I looked out and saw the car driving toward the store pretty fast, but I thought she would stop. I turned to finish helping the customer, and Bang! she drove right up on the sidewalk and hit the building. I was scared to death!”

Photo: Clover Carroll.

Repairs, which will be covered by the driver’s insurance, will include removing the front window to straighten the bent window frame and repair the masonry below it. “She was able to drive away,” said store manager Terry McDaniel. “There was very little damage to the Volvo.” “In 2007, someone did drive right through that window,” said Brenda Plantz, whose son Paul owns the pharmacy. “The whole front of the building came down. That’s when we had those bollards installed. Steve Tharp, the building’s owner, helped with the repairs.” Added pharmacy counter clerk Donna Jeffrey, “thank goodness everyone is safe!”  


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