To the Editor: Green Olive Tree


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Generations have come and gone while the Green Olive Tree has served the Crozet community. This tiny Christian thrift shop ministry, begun in 1979, has prospered and grown, thanks to the generosity of neighbors and friends. Please celebrate our 42nd anniversary this month with us. Watch for special sales and announcements on Facebook and our website. Younger volunteers are now needed, as some in their 80s and 90s are retiring.

The coronavirus has kept some faithful workers from coming together regularly. Recently several new workers have appeared, mostly through word of mouth, and seeing for themselves as customers what fun it is to serve in such a warm, friendly atmosphere, even while wearing masks and trying to maintain the required social distancing (a little tricky, sorting clothes side by side).

Another need that regularly pops up is for a larger space. So often the place seems to bulge. Over the years, this ministry has enjoyed four locations, each one larger and more expensive. Not being able to take furniture is a disappointment to so many who ask.

Our Father God has always supplied funds to cover expenses, plus double that amount for donations to others, such as multiple charitable groups and scholarships to Western Albemarle High graduates. 

Of course, because of the pandemic, the shop is only open four days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donations can be accepted only on Mondays and Thursdays. This puts a hardship on donors, but is necessary to “quarantine” donations for three days before they are brought into the shop. This will all change soon, hopefully, as guidelines loosen in our state. Prayers are for safety of customers as well as workers. Do come by to visit and see the bargains available, wearing a mask, of course, and using the hand sanitizer offered. Our motto has become “Since we can’t give you a hug, we offer a gentle squeeze.” God bless.

June Andrews


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