To the Editor: Retain All History


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This is in response to the recent ruling by the Virginia State Supreme Court that allows the City Of Charlottesville to move forward with its stated plan to remove the statues of Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. What a disheartening conclusion to a long and valiant effort by so many who have faithfully sought to protect our local monuments that pay tribute to two such extraordinarily honorable and proud Virginians as Lee and Jackson most assuredly were and are.

And so our utterly dysfunctional City Council through its deceptively yet profoundly biased “so called” public process (i.e., proceedings of the “Blue Ribbon Commission”, etc.) presumably can now proceed to act on their egregiously disrespectful decision to remove these two exceptional works of art that honor two such remarkable Virginians. No doubt there will be rejoicing in the streets by those who view our history through the myopic lens of their own “exclusionary” embrace of history that seeks to erase any and all aspects of our nation’s past that may offend their tender sensibilities. Such “high minded” folks will always be enslaved by the limitations of their own narrow vision. And so it goes… on and on. Will it never end?

Two quotes that are attributed to Robert E, Lee seem profoundly appropriate at this moment in time: “A land without memories is a people without liberty,”  and,  “A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday does not know where it is today.”

Respectfully submitted by,

Scott B. Peyton 
(Until recently, a lifelong resident of Greenwood, now residing in Amherst County)


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