To the Editor: More on Statues


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More on Statues

In response to Scott B. Peyton’s letter in the May edition, let me point out that Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were slavemasters who fought to destroy the Union in the name of the states’ right to maintain slavery. Mr. Peyton can rest assured that their history will not be forgotten.

The heroic statues of these men on horseback galloping through public parks (erected at the beginning of the shameful Jim Crow era)—one flanking the county courthouse—are an insult to our Black brothers and sisters, all of us children of God and fellow Americans, and an affront to many white citizens such as myself. Their removal is proceeding according to democratic processes from the local to the state level. Of course, the voting public has changed somewhat from the days that Mr. Peyton remembers so fondly.

Perhaps it is he who should widen his lens and remember EVERYTHING that has happened in our past.

Cathy Clary


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